Friday, November 20, 2009

More on the bogus school bonuses

All three dailies are onto the absurdity of the DOE granting huge bonuses to staff at low-performing schools that received "C" and "D" on their progress reports – including, according to the Daily News, at least one school that is closing.

The bonus program will eat up almost $40 million in precious education funds this year. Despite all the budget cuts already enacted at the school level, and more to come, leading to layoffs, larger classes, the loss of after school and enrichment programs , the DOE insists that these indefensible bonuses will be continued (NY1).

"It's always cited as one of the most novel, exciting programs. And I think New Yorkers want results. We are paying for results," said Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

Yes, results based on inflated test scores, credit recovery, and widespread tampering with student test scores.

From the Post: “Somebody has to be complicit in this robbery -- it cannot be that DOE can simply appropriate public money as it sees fit," said Paola de Kock, whose son graduated in June from Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, they can and they will continue to waste our taxpayer money -- as far into the future as the eye can see. Unless the City Council stands up for our children and stops them. Don't hold your breath.

See also the article in the Times.

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