Monday, August 9, 2010

Press conference protesting Klein's "emergency" expansion of Girls Prep Charter school

Good video of Manhattan BP Stringer and Councilmember Rosie Mendez, both leaders in the battle to recognize the rights of public school parents and their special ed children at PS 94, in the face of Klein's illegitimate and illegal "bulldozer" tactics.

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Anonymous said...

Francis Lewis HS is one of the most over crowded schools in the city. Arthur Goldstein, chapter leader at the FLHS, has been informing the public about the trailer classrooms and the delapidation of these facilities for the many ELLs that go to those trailers. Yet, this is not an emergency for the chancellor. However, charter school students, who cannot find a plush place to learn, can be placed in a public school, take over space that belong to autistic students, and the chancellor can consider this move an "emergency" decision by him.

I would like to know if the chancellor will make room in his home for those charter school students since he feels that they are much more important than autistic children.