Monday, August 23, 2010

Wishful Testing in this week's New York magazine


Check out the just-published piece in NY Magazine called Wishful Testing, featuring the comments of Steve Koss, blogger here, and which analyzes the state test score bubble, Campbell’s law, the over-hyped Harlem Village Academy, and connects the dots.

Between this, the recent Robert Kolker piece on the national craze of scapegoating teachers, and features by Jeff Coplon on Eva Moskowitz’ chain of charters and school overcrowding, the magazine has shown itself to be most valuable in dissecting the Bloomberg/Klein mirage.

Especially as compared to the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine, whose reporting on the subject has been execrable.

Read it and leave a comment on the website!!



Anonymous said...

Great article that reveals the tip of the "data driven" iceberg. Future articles will demonstrate the transmogrification of crime stats in schools whereby "CEO" principals are extremely and personally motivated to omit, falsify and NOT report serious crimes by being punished if they do. Makes sense? It does to the candidate who spent over a hundred million in advertising: "Crime is down, scores are up. You do the math."

Sounds like Tweedgate to me. behind?

escalante blogger said...

Good article too as i read its content. Sharable to others that might critic and give ideas from their own.

Anonymous said...

cArticle is giving the truth! However, I don't think NY Magazine can compete with the 'spin' from the billionaire mayor and his chancellor who are already claiming that their gains in NYC are responsible for being awarded funds from 'race to the top'.

From NYCDOE website: “New York State’s selection is a testament to what we’ve accomplished in our City’s schools over the last eight years,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Our students have shown tremendous improvement and now – as a Race to the Top participant – we will work with our teachers and school administrators to raise the bar once again.”

Those such as Diane Ravitch have said this for years on deaf ears. NYC school system is a complete dictatorship. Administrators and teachers must do as they are told or else....

I don't have much faith in this article making a difference regardless of how true it is.

August 27, 2010 2:42 AM

james boutin said...

I agree. I definitely appreciated all of these pieces.