Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Video of Patrick Sullivan and parent protest at the PEP meeting on Aug. 16

Check out the video from yesterday's Panel for Educational Policy meeting, where Patrick Sullivan, Manhattan member, observes that what he heard from the DOE's earlier test score presentation was "an attempt at spin to protect the reputations of the people who are responsible for the school system."

He makes a motion so that the Panel can hear "from parents and the public about what their concerns are about what I think is probably one of the worst debacles in the history of the public school system."

Yet PEP Chair David Chang refuses to bring the motion to a vote. Check out Patrick's explanation of how Chang's refusal was a violation of the PEP bylaws.

This refusal to let them speak led to an outcry from parents, chanting "Let us speak", and a subsequent walk-out of the PEP members, all except for Patrick.

For more on these events, see GothamSchools, Times, Post, Daily News, WNYC , Ed Notes and Patrick's own post. (video thanks to Norm Scott.)


Anonymous said...

WE LOVE YOU PATRICK SULLIVAN! For all you do, for all you are... THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sullivan,
You are to be commended and thanked for being the moral conscience of the most egregiously corrupt and fraudulent school system in the history of NYC.

Where is the White House Attorney General who will investigate and prosecute the anti-trust monopoly of the Chancellor in awarding billions of dollars in non-bid contracts?

Lies, cover-ups, deceit, smoke screens, scapegoating, witch hunts against teachers and day-to-day bullying are the MO of those who sit in the seat of power. Mayoral control is nothing more than the corrupt exercise of absolute power to corrupt absolutely.

Politicians, lawmakers, parents, teachers and students have all
been lied to.

It's about time politicians and parents found out what teachers have known for eight years: Bloomberg appointed a former White House bully with an agenda that was designed to catapult and land both into the White House under the guise of "21st Century Civil Rights" and closing the racial "achievement gap". Fortunately, the buck stops with Patrick Sullivan.

History proves that every time a dictator comes along with plans to
revolutionize the system, it only goes from bad to worse. Paid political spin masters and media "hit men" who attempt (and all too often succeed) in changing the momentary perception of reality, do not in fact change reality. Real, honest and meaningful change requires individuals who are knowledgeable in education, not hedge fund management, junk bonds, derivatives, credit swaps, manipulating deceitful data, Enronomics and ways of skirting the law. Real honest and meaningful change requires honest, courageous and outstanding individuals with integrity such as Patrick Sullivan, Leonie Hamson, Diane Ravitch, etc., and truly dedicated and devoted small groups. That is the only thing that has ever changed the world.

Evergreenspan said...

Finally, the public is starting to see what Bloomberg-Klein are really all about. The schools are NOT getting any better no matter what the non-dynamic duo claim.
We must have a committee of retired teachers and supervisors running the schools. Naturally, active teachers, administrators and parents would have input.

Evergreenspan said...

Someone should tell the "non-dynamic" duo that they are just wasting their time by opening schools for students on Wed. Sept. 8th. Teachers could use that day for preparation time. Opening school for 1 day during the week? This is absolutely asinine.
What is the administration afraid of? There are more than the required 180 days needed to complete a school year.
By the way, what's being done with the excessed teachers? Why will the DOE not use them so as to lower class size? These people did not earn master's degrees and teach for years only to be relegated to substitute status. This is totally demeaning and educationally unproductive.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt isn't the word NYCDOE would make Bernard Madoff look honest in comaparison. The NYC DOE is a cash cow like an insurance company - it generates billions and everyone wants a piece of the action-outsiders and insiders alike. the administrators at DOE are amoral bureaucrats frequently looking for their reward. DOE is a testament to how low this city and country has gone educationally, morally and ethically that nothing has been done to rectify and clean it up.