Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mayor's poor showing in Quinnipiac poll, and vote in our poll now!

1.      A new Quinnipiac poll came out yesterday, showing that only 26% of New Yorkers approve of the way Bloomberg is handling our schools; 61% disapprove. 
57  57% think he has failed to improve our schools, and only 13% think the next mayor should retain mayoral control.  The mayor blamed his poor showing on the ads the UFT has been running and said that if he bought up enough ad time, he could reverse the results.
I have added a poll to the right hand side of our parent blog; do you think the mayor’s handling of our schools has been successful?  Do you support the school closings?  Do you think that the mayor should retain control over our schools? Please answer the questions now on the right hand side of the blog.  Also, if you have a comment leave it below.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

"F" and "F" grades for Mayor Bloomberg and mayoral control

Now he blames UFT ads for his poor showing in the Quinnipiac polls...when does the alleged mayoral control accountability kick in?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that when the people hold Mayor Bloomberg accountable for his actions (or lack of, could be more appropriate, the mayor quickly blames and makes the UFT the scapegoat.

He is quick to blame teachers for the a school or child's failure in school. Funny, I thought this always trickles from the top down. The mayor is certainly the one who sits right on top.

Anonymous said...

Let's stop criticizing the "educational mayor". First of all, the man bought and paid for ALL his elections fair and square" with his hard earned Wall Street ("Bloomberg News") Monopoly money.) Second, he is so busy threatening to fire people --and actually firing people-- all day long, it becomes very time consuming, repettive, frustrating and fatiguing. So let's give the man our full cooperation and understanding. Lastly, how else do you expect the man to destroy the UFT and all other unions, unless you allow him to create a false perception ("crime is down, scores are up") in the mind of the public? Under Joe Klein, any teacher who did not go along with the BIG LIE would simply disappear into Gulags(aka as rubber rooms.) The same Wall Street guys who raped the American economy (hedge fund managers) are now running and managing the 20 billion/year NYC DOE. How inspiring!!!

Can't you find anything nice to say about our honorable and noble Mayor? Doesn't he donate .01% of his fortune to museums and cultural institutions anonymously and then leak it to the press the next day? Aren't most of the women (young, elderly and pregnant) who were pepper sprayed during the OWS protests against economic inequality by his "army" of 7,000 NYPD freedom fighters fully recovered and now breathing normally?

If only the leaders of our Teachers Union would be more sensitive, understanding and cooperative to the individual needs of our hedge fund managers in letting our "educational mayor" have his way by "going all the way", the mayor could then afford to be more compassionate and generous by offering them bribes instead of making threats. After all, He is a firm believer in the "Business Model" of being a human being.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that the people who feel our mayor is doing a good job know nothing about what is going on in our system.The mayor has done nothing but add more standardized tests, add administrative positions,add jobs in technology at Tweed and raise class size in his nine years in charge of the school system. Is this the fault of the UFT and the teachers.