Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Noah Gotbaum of CEC 3 and Lisa Fleisher of the WSJ on the unreliable teacher data reports

From this morning's Good Day New York. 


Anonymous said...

Rosanna Scotto has languished for years and years on TV. Nothing being done to remover her.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did Scotto's partner who was himself threatened by information that was deemed false by many not jumping in here to defend the fact that these test scores maybe riddled with error!

Anonymous said...

The mayor,, the governor, the president, and all elected
officials have totally screwed up education in NYC/NYS. They all should all be fired. This is not about the kids. It
is a tax write off and money grab by the rich to support
and open charter schools. The sad part is the future of
education has now turned a corner and most teachers
would never recommend teaching as a profession. The
quality of future teachers wil never be the same as the
dedicated teachers that have remained despite being attacked in the media and smeared by our elected officials.
How sad for America. Just when we need the creativity, it is destroyed at the source by drill and kill charter schools and state testing.

bokaz said...

At the start of the segment, Rosanna Scotto mentions "teachers who abuse kids" as an example of what? Holding teachers, in general, accountable? To conflate criminal behavior with the issue of how teachers are evaluated is not only ignorant but repulsive. Unfortunately, Scotto typifies the bias and ignorance that are driving this Stalinist exercise in public humiliation.