Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday night massacre

Panel for Education Policy votes to close all 23 schools despite thousands of protesters.

photo: Ben Chapman, Daily News


Anonymous said...


*and kinda appropriate, but also funny, yet in a very sad way.***

Anonymous said...

Respect to you Mr Sullivan!

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised. It was a foregone conclusion by the Bloomberg appointed panel. The meeting is just a formality.They are not really closing the schools. What they are doing is dividing them up into mini schools with more room for charter schools and more money spent on administrative positions.They have failed to show that this really helps the children,but it does give them a chance to get rid of teachers who are making the most money or dare to express their opinion.The shame of the matter is the real losers are the children,parents and educators in our system.
I know(I just retired after 42 years in our school system.)