Friday, February 17, 2012

Want to know what NYC elected officials, religious & civil rights leaders think of Bloomberg's education policies and lies?

Check out Darren Marelli's brilliant video below, using clips from the press conference before the Feb. 9 PEP meeting.


Jesse Turner said...

Well we do have the National Council of Churches:
A Pastoral Letter on Federal Policy in Public Education: An Ecumenical Call for Justice
Which states: *“We are concerned today when we hear the civil right to education being re-defined as the right to school choice.”

*“While competitive, market based “reforms” may increase educational opportunity for a few children, or even for some groups of children, do they introduce more equity or more inequity into the system itself? We reject the language of business for discussing public education.”
See the whole letter @
We also have the January 2012 NCAAP Resolution opposing charter schools as well:
See it @
I suggest they read the above documents before they spin any webs of deceit.
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

Denver Handyman said...

I'm Jimmy Hernandez, the owner and labor of Northwest Denver Handyman. I was born and raised in this neighborhood, and I still live here in Potter Highlands.

Bill Gunlocke, a city reader said...

Underneath it all is the sinful fact that the kids are not being taught to read well. Nothing can occur without that skill.