Friday, January 8, 2010

Charter School Sitings in Public School Facilities For February PEP Vote

New proposals for changes in utilization, including charter school sitings in public school buildings were announced on Friday. These will be up for consideration at the Panel for Educational Policy meeting on February 24th. Here is the list with a link to the impact statements on the DOE web site:


1. Co-location of Lefferts Garden Charter School with P.S. 92

2. Co-location of Explore Empower Charter School with M.S. 294

3. Co-location of Community Partnership Charter School with P.S. 256

4. Co-location of Ocean Hill Collegiate and Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Charter Schools with Existing Schools in K271

5. Re-Siting and Co-location of Leadership Prep Brownsville with P.S. 284

6. Co-location of Achievement First Charter School with I.S. 302

7. Co-location of Hyde Charter School II with P.S. 328

8. Re-Siting of Francis Perkins Academy and Co-location with Existing Schools in K480

9. Co-location of new School 15K749 with Existing Schools in K806


10. Co-Location of Harlem Success Academy II Charter School with Existing Schools in M030

11. Re-Siting of Clinton School for Writers and Artists and Co-location with Existing Schools in M033

12. Re-Siting of P.S. 138

13. Re-Siting of High School for Excellence and Innovation and Co-location with J.H.S. 52

14. Grade Expansion of Girls Prep Charter School

15. Grade Expansion of KIPP Infinity Charter School


16. Co-location of New School 29Q327 with I.S. 59


17. Co-location of Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School with Existing Schools in X093 and X893

18. Co-location of Bronx Success Academy 2 with P.S. 146

19. Re-siting of Emolior Academy and Co-location with P.S. 214

20. Co-location of New Transfer School with Existing Schools in X435


M Corbett said...

Thanks for the list.

The link is dead. Is there another link? Thanks!

Leonie Haimson said...

is the new link.

Leonie Haimson said...

I also corrected it above.