Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thursday's protest on the mayor's block against school closings, and forced privatization

See this video of Thursday's rally, at the closing of our protest outside the mayor's home on 79 St.; another terrific video of the marchers with their signs and interviews is posted here.

Gathered together were young and old, parents, students and teachers, all united, from all parts of the city and all colors, races and ethnicities; with great spirit and energy, opposing the mayor's mass closings , charter school invasions and forced privatization of our public school system-- a spirit that would not be discouraged or intimidated, even after the city prevented us from marching on the same side of the street as the mayor lives.

Subsequently, we discovered that the police were taking photos of us, in violation of a consent decree barring this surveillance that the city signed in 1985!

See Mayor Bloomberg Beats Norm Siegel, Decrees North Side of 79th Street a No Free Speech Zone' ...(Village Voice) with footage of the NYPD taking photos of the protesters. Also: Educating for Democracy: A Demonstration Against School Closings
(Huffington Post);
Protesters rally against closures on mayor's street, if not his stoop (GothamSchools); Charter School Protesters Take Fight to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Doorstep ... (DNAinfo).

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