Friday, January 15, 2010

Texans Fight Off Federal Education Mandates

Texas Governor Rick Perry joined Texas teachers in denouncing and rejecting the imposition of the federal Race to the Top agenda on the children of Texas:

“Texas is on the right path toward improved education, and we would be foolish and irresponsible to place our children’s future in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and special interest groups thousands of miles away in Washington, virtually eliminating parents’ participation in their children’s education,” Gov. Perry said. “If Washington were truly concerned about funding education with solutions that match local challenges, they would make the money available to states with no strings attached.”
- Rick Perry, Governor

Race to the Top is the first step in federalizing our Texas school systems and imposing a national high-stakes test on our children and teachers. This is not acceptable. We support Governor Perry in his refusal to sell our schools to Washington for less than $75 per student.”
-Gayle Fallon, president, Houston Federation of Teachers

“The Texas Classroom Teachers Association supports the decision of Governor Perry and Commissioner Scott to decline to seek funds under the federal Race to the Top program. Texas public schools need enhanced funding, but the limited funding and potentially harmful policy requirements associated with Race to the Top are, in our view, likely to result in a net cost to Texas education. The loss of autonomy and flexibility that are essential to meet the needs of Texas students is simply not worth it.”
-Jeri Stone, executive director and general counsel, Texas Classroom Teachers Association

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Anonymous said...

OMG, who would have ever thought Rick Perry of all people could make so much sense? I hope all states follow his lead. I keep thinking, this is what Obama meant by change?

Gary Babad said...

I've recently been telling my conservative friends (yes, I've got some) that I'm beginning to understand their skepticism of "big government". While I continue to feel that government should play an essential role in health care, civil rights, environmental regulation and the like, the Obama/Duncan educational policy is a good lesson in what happens when the process gets hijacked and government exceeds its bounds. This is NOT what we voted for!