Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Update on Parent Opposition to Bloomberg's Schools Restructuring

Earlier, we posted resolutions against the latest Department of Education restructuring issued by Community Education Council in District 1 and the Citywide Council of High Schools. These bodies, elected by parents and mandated under NY state law and Department of Education regulations to represent parents, felt strongly enough to issue formal statements itemizing their objections to the restructuring and how the critical needs of their schools are being ignored by Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein.

Recently, more CECs (community school boards) and Presidents Councils (comprised of PTA presidents) have passed resolutions of opposition. Below is an updated list with links to resolutions where available:
District 1 Community Education Council (Manhattan) click here
District 1 Presidents Council (Manhattan)
District 2 Community Education Council (Manhattan) click here
District 2 Presidents Council (Manhattan)
District 3 Presidents Council (Manhattan)
District 4 Presidents Council (Manhattan)
District 6 Community Education Council (Manhattan)
District 24 Community Education Council (Queens) click here
District 26 Community Education Council (Queens) click here
District 27 Presidents Council (Queens)
District 30 Community Education Council (Queens) click here
District 30 Presidents C
ouncil (Queens) - the first to act
Region 6 HS Presidents Council (Brooklyn)

These bodies represent parents across the city:

Citywide Council on Special Education click here
Citywide Council on High Schools click here
Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council click here

Many PTAs have also passed resolutions, including those at PS 3, PS 41 here, PS 116, PS 150, PS 290, Clinton Middle School, School of the Future (D2), PS 166 (D3), Middle School 210 (D27), and the following high schools: Manhattan Center for Science and Math, Stuyvesant, James Madison and Port Richmond.

If parents know of other PTAs, CECs or parent groups that have passed resolutions or are considering them, please leave a comment below or send us an email.


Steve Koss said...

The Executive Board of the PTA at Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School (M435 - District 4, East Harlem) passed such a resolution unanimously on April 17, 2007.

David M. Quintana said...

This evening, Middle School 210Q Parent's Association unanimously ratified the following CPAC Resolutions:

DCEC Moratorium of the Upcoming elections; and

The CPAC Resolution on the Bloomberg/Klein Reorganization Plan...

On April 30, District 27 DCP will be voting on these resolutions...

I will report back if they are passed...

Staten Island Sue said...

Port Richmond HS in Staten Island passed a resolution unanimously last night against the restructuring.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the President's Council of District 2 (an elected body of parents) signed on to the CPAC resolution last night (4/23) despite the "agreement" announced last week.

Leonie Haimson said...

PS 3, PS 41 and Clinton Middle School all in D2 have passed similar resolutions.