Monday, January 24, 2011

Jamaica HS teachers and students fight for their school's survival

Jamaica HS Closing Hearing: James Eterno Presents the Real Data from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

This video from Norm Scott is truly stunning. Check out Deputy Chancellor John White, 2010 graduate of the Broad Superintendent Academy, at the Jamaica HS closing hearings, vs. the school's justifiably angry, articulate and well-informed parents, teachers & students.

My mother-in-law taught at this school, and would be turning in her grave to see what the Bloomberg gang have done to try to destroy its success – but haven’t yet managed to damage its spirit.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the rudeness and contempt of John White and the Superintendent Juan Mendez. I hope that the DOE is not allowed to close this school. The community, its students, and teachers obviously care deeply for their school. My blood is boiling watching this video. It's truly truly disgusting. Bloomberg and his cronies must go!

Anonymous said...

Juan Mendez is one of the dirtiest administrators in the city. He changed many state grades while in EBT High School. Furthermore, how does someone who is being investigated for having relations with another man all of a sudden get promoted to Superintendent? This man has no ethics and extremely arrogant. Hopefully, with the new chancellor things will change.

Anonymous said...

I worked fpr Juan Mendez. He asked me to change a Regents grade of 16 to passing. I wouldn't. The kid who got the 16 ultimately retook the Regents in the summer and passed. I was suspicious and compared the handwriting on both tests. Clearly, two different people took the test.

Not only is Juan Mendez totally corrupt, he is also practically illiterate. I and others had to write for him. Letters. Emails. He isn't capable. He liesl. Constantly. He lied about me to a friend of mine who worked in the building.

What else? He had teachers who had attendance teacher licenses teaching class. Not allowed. He did it. He promised money to students raising money for trips, etc., and never gave it.

He shouldn't be a superintendent. He never should have been a principal. EBT was terrible. Do you know why he left? I heard he was beung investigated for sexual misconduct. That is the only thing I don't nelieve. Hell, thr man didn't get to school till noon and then had lunch then left at 4 pm. He was a sexist, sociopathic, illiterate jokr. I remember when he refused to let the science AP lrave a meeting to go to the bathroom. I pity the Queens schools. He is bad news. Sexist, racist, corrupt in many ways (changing grades, taking nook money, etc.) and incapable. Functionally illiterate. Can't speak extemporaneously. He is political, protected by ADASA, and has a good presence. But he is nothing but corrupt and incapable. I hope he gets what he deserves.