Sunday, January 30, 2011

Upper West side community opposes co-location of Upper West Success charter

The Community Board, the Community Education Council, the elected officials and parents all stand united against the co-location of Upper West Success charter in the Brandeis HS building.

Teachers and parents from other public schools that share space with Harlem Success Academies, the other charter schools in this chain run by Eva Moskowitz, explain how their kids have lost preK, art and music, as well as space for special services, with their children pushed into rooms in the basement.


Anonymous said...

I think it is time that we realize the dangerous effect that the tabloids in NYC have on the public school system. Their anti-teacher campaign,their attack against senority,their charter school mania,their suport of publishing of inaccurate test data,their union bashing is all aimed at supporting the disaster our mayor and his cronies have been to our public school system.No mention is ever made on the rise in class size,the enormous amount of expenditure for test material,and practice tests and the lack of our children to think and reason for themselves.

Character Education said...

Great post, thanks for your work, this is really what we all need to know and i am surprised to check out the facts you have shared here, i am sure this kind of approach can bring a good change in the community.

Duke said...

Leonie, you are documenting the problems with the agenda that Chris Christie wants to bring over here to NJ. We on this side of the Hudson should be watching this very, very carefully.

Thanks for your work - I'm going to continue trying to get the word out here in NJ about what is happening in NYC. This should not be our future.