Sunday, June 5, 2011

NAACP and their supporters fight back for all our kids!

See video below of Hazel Dukes of the NAACP  and their supporters, parents, elected officials, and union leaders, fighting back against the vicious attack against them by the charter school industry , because they dared to sue the city against abusive school closings and charter school co-locations.  In these co-locations, children were being driven out of their classrooms, their art, intervention, and science rooms, their lunch rooms and their gyms, for the benefit of charter school children who are given preferential treatment by DOE.

Shame on Eva Moskowitz, who closed her charter chain of Success Academy charters for the morning, forcing parents to attend the anti-NAACP rally along with their children.  This fact was never mentioned in the mainstream media, including in the NY Times .  Meanwhile, privately-run charter schools also get more public funding from the city, including free space and services, from the city than our public schools.

The NAACP Strikes Back from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The charter school industry has become a very serious threat to the children in our public school system.They take up much needed space from our public schools and encourage the closing of public schools so they can force their way into the school building when it reopens.Now they are paying and organizing parents to act as their lobby.A friend of mine subbed in a middle school in which a charter was sharing space with two public schools.He told me that the charter school had already dumped a number of children that caused them problems into the public schools.If true we really have a problem!

Bill Gunlocke, a city reader said...

Let's make sure all the kids can read---WELL. Let that be the focus. All else will fall in line, if that's the goal above all else. All the other issues are not important compared to that. Really. They aren't.

Curtis Johnson said...

Thanks so much for posting. We definitely appreciate the support in our efforts to ensure a quality education for all NYC public school students.

Here's an MSNBC clip of NAACP General Counsel Kim Keenan, which explains further our stance and illustrates the inequities between charter and public school students housed within the same school.

Again, thanks much for your support in spreading this important message.


Curtis Johnson
Online & Social Media Specialist

Anonymous said...

Point blank people have become so jaded by Charter Schools that they could care less about how resources are taken from public schools to support Charter Schools. Flat out, if an organization has the educational resources to create a charter, they should be able to find their own financial support to create a building to house the school itself. Go NAACP!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all you've offered in this post!

@Curtis, thank you for that link to your General Counsel. It makes so much sense!

Victory belongs to the NAACP! Long live the NAACP!