Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sign the petition in support of the NAACP, and MSBNC video

Check out the General Counsel of the NAACP Kim Keenan  on MSNBC on June 6th, explaining the inequities in NYC public schools and why the NAACP has filed a lawsuit against the unfair charter school co-locations. 

Then sign the petition supporting the NAACP and their insistence that all children be provided with an equitable chance to learn.  The way the co-locations have been handled in NYC is shocking; with charter kids receiving preferential treatment at every turn. 

In general, the co-locations have been a disaster, given our chronic overcrowding, with class sizes rising and children losing access to art rooms, libraries and gyms.  Our special needs students have been treated the worst, often pushed into hallways and closets.  Go sign the petition now!

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