Friday, June 17, 2011

Twenty thousand parents beg Bloomberg: restore the cuts!

Yesterday was a great event,  organized by AQE and CEJ, with over 20,000 signatures from parents, scrolling down the steps of City Hall, 5,000 feet long. 

How can Bloomberg ignore our pleas to restore these devastating cuts to our schools? Does he really want to go down in history as the mayor who put kids last? He claims to care about parent choice when it comes to charters,  but then ignores the DOE's own surveys that show that the top priority of parents is for smaller classes, and instead threatens to impose the largest increases in class size in over thirty years.

 Is he acting in the interest of 1.1 million school children; or does he care more about protecting the wallets of NYC's estimated 700,000 millionaires? Watch the NY1 report!

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Bill Gunlocke, a city reader said...

Cuts suck. But even without the cuts, were kids being taught to read well. The tests say NO. A big NO. That should bring marchers every day. Shouldn't it? I say it again, the rest is all politics. All minor issues compared to reading.