Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cathie Black Waiver Denial Movement Gains Traction

Steve Koss lays out the case against granting Black the required waiver to serve as Chancellor here on NYC Public School Parents.

Across the City, parents and their elected representatives are calling on State Ed Commissioner Steiner to deny the waiver.

Senator-elect Tony Avella here.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz here.

Assemblyman Marcus Crespo here.

Council Member Jumaane Williams here.

update (Nov 11th)

Council Member Brad Lander here.

Assembly Member Vanessa Gibson here.

Council Member Charles Barron here.

update (Nov 12th)

Assembly Member Inez Barron

Council Education Chair Robert Jackson


Steve Koss said...

With the exception of Councilman Willaims, it appears that the rest of the City Council members are sitting on their thumbs at this point. Most are probably waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.



The many comments re Mayor Bloomberg's latest stunner and monumental degree of "Hubris" are all dead on point.

In pulling this stunt of selecting the last person on God's Earth who should fill Klein's shoes, Bloomberg has literally spit in the face of every parent, teacher, student and tax paying citizen in New York City.
It is quite true that not a single official entity that should stand up to Bloomberg now and oppose this outrage will do so. As a person who went one on one against "Klein Inc." for the past seven years and counting (Google my name), I can see just one single response to this present emergency.

It is the only response that has ever produced any meaningful results in such situations in all of recorded history.
Every single group that has been battling the nightmare that was visited upon New York City when Bloomberg first installed Joel Klein, Esq., a former Federal Prosecutor, as "Chancellor", must come together as one and declare together as one, in one resounding voice:

"Never again, Never again, Never again- will you be allowed Mr. Bloomberg to do to our children what you did when you shoved your educationally uncredentialled former puppet and lapdog, Joel Klein, Esq. down our throats.

"We will fight you in the Courts, and we will fight you in the streets, with the largest demonstrations ever witnessed in New York City".

There must not simply be one single "feel good" solitary demonstration, which will accomplish nothing whatsoever. The demonstrations in front of Bloomberg's upper East Side residence at 17 East 79th Street must occur every week, week after week, like clock work.

Remember "Las Madres de los disaparecidos de la Plaza de Mayo", in Argentina, who stood week after week, year after year. The Mothers of the disappeared. Is not the Constitutional Right to a fair and equitable, quality Public School education fast disappearing in New York City and the nation as a whole ?

And other demonstration sites must be selected that will create the intended effect. The media is for the most part in Bloomberg's pocket as well as the United Federation of Teachers, et al. Yes, we must deal with those facts.

But the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. History has proven over and over and over again, from the French Revolution to the American Revolution that sustained and carefully organized Resistance results in change.

The futures of our children hang in the balance.

David Pakter
New York City, November 11, 2010

Anonymous said...

Write your council members and ask them to take a stand. It may not do much but they are our local representatives. Let's make them actually represent us.

NYCPubSchooler said...

We are doing something!

Anonymous said...

The online petitions and contacting your city councilperson are all well and good, but can anyone dig up Steiner's direct line and direct e-mail (my councilperson and assemblyman did not have the info handy, and the commissioner's office said to write a letter)? Direct outreach is the best solution.

Anonymous said...

David M Steiner- phone number is

Tom said...

And Merryl Tisch--who says, "I don't believe the mayor would ask someone to do this if he was not fully confident that they would be able to do it and I have confidence in the mayor and I have confidence in his choices."

Confidence inspired by the sterling performance of the last chancellor he chose?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Chris Owens is sponsoring a protest press conference.

Please attend our protest press conference on Monday, 11/15 at 10:00 am, Brooklyn Borough Hall.