Sunday, November 14, 2010

Say No! to the waiver for Cathie Black

Norman Siegel and Michael Meyers, civil rights leaders, teacher Julie Cavanagh, Council Member Robert Jackson, chair of the NYC Council Education Committee, and parent leaders William McDonald, Philip DePaolo and Tina Schiller speak out against the mayor's nomination of Cathie Black as NYC schools chancellor. More newsclips at AM NY, AP/WSJ, and NY1 .


Anonymous said...

Leonie Haimson is, once again, on the wrong side of history.

NYC Educator said...

I don't think so. History has yet to be written and Tweed's "reforms" have already been revealed as nonsense.

Anonymous said...

But class size doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that matters more than class size is high averages of critical thinking and academic readiness levels. Since Blomberg and Klein failed abysmally at raising those levels, class size is of paramount importance right now. Only a fool would argue the reverse.

Anonymous said...

Then call me a fool, friend. While you do, I'll be educating low-income kids to out perform the kids in the pictures on Ms. Haimson's website...all in classes of 29 students or more.

I just want more of Klein and Bloomberg so that they can do what they've done: create the conditions that incentivize more schools to do the same as me. They recognize--just like fools like me--that most students in the NYC public school system don't have the luxury to "critically think" when they can't read in the 4th Grade.

Again, your call for "critical thinking" comes from a planet far far away. Because of decades of neglect, we're no where close. But we'll get there if folks will get out of our way.

I suppose having you guys on the steps of Tweed and City Hall is far enough away for us to keep plowing ahead. It's just annoying that all those energies and just very smart people are wasted yelling at people trying to get stuff done.