Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parents are not giving up: no to the waiver!

For more on today's press conference, see NY1, NY1 noticias, the Brooklyn Eagle, photos on Flickr, and the website,

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Ms. Black packed her own children off to Boarding School because she put her career before her own children.

Being on Boards of multi-national companies came before spending quality time with her own children during their most important formative years.

Since Ms. Black's expertise with Boarding Schools and Corporate Boards is clearly so much more extensive than her grasp of Education issues, I suggest she cap off her brilliant professional career by applying to sit on the Board of her children's former Boarding Schools.

Or is Ms. Black afraid that sitting on the Board of a Boarding School in Connecticut might not be her cup of tea and she might feel "Bored".

Any normal human being, with even a modicum of self respect and decency, seeing how clearly his/her services were neither wanted nor appreciated, would reconsider the best course of action for the sake of everyone concerned.

But then how could anyone expect a person who put her career before her own flesh and blood children, possibly be expected to do what is in the best interest of one million children who are not her own children.

How very, very sad for all of us that both we and our children's lives must be held captive to the insatiable, egotistical whims of two people who have decided they know what is best for everybody else.

In particular anyone who is not a millionaire or billionaire with the connections to jam anything they like down the throats of all "the Little People" whenever it suits their fancy.

It is enough to make an Atheist want to believe in Heaven and Hell, so that if such twisted, warped human beings do not receive their just deserts in this world, then at least they will be made to reap what their haved sowed, in the next.

But no doubt Mr. Bloomberg believes he will have no problem obtaining a Waiver for himself and Ms. Black to sail right through those Pearly Gates, without so much as having to stop to pay a toll.

God save us from such self-Righteous snobs. And much more importantly-

May God now save our children.