Friday, June 15, 2007

Boy Ruled Ineligible for School Bus Hit on Way to School

Today's Daily News tells the story of an 10-year old Bronx boy, Eliseo Oler, who was struck by a commuter bus on his way to school. Eliseo had previously taken a yellow bus from a stop close to his home but was told he was not eligible this year because he lived too close to school.

His mother blamed the accident on the DoE:
"If they hadn't taken him off the bus, none of this would've happened," Miriam DeJesus told the Daily News from her son's bedside. "I told the principal, how could you make a 10-year-old child take the [city] bus to school?"
Eliseo was one of many children thrown off buses by high-priced consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal and issued half-price Metro cards. His path to the city bus took him through the busy intersection of Jerome Avenue and Mosholu Parkway South. It was there he was struck yesterday.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

Jerome and Mosholu Parkway south is a horrible intersection, even when lanes are not blocked off. But now, with sightlines blocked... I'd be unhappy taking responsibility for telling kids they are supposed to cross there by themselves.

Did the new bus policy take into account dangerous intersections?

(not a real question - I know the answer)

Patrick Sullivan said...

What they should have done was publish the new routes and ask for comments. They could have made their changes after eliminating the most dangerous problems, like sending our youngest kids to school on city buses and subways. Instead, the Mayor just blasted critics -- elected representatives and parents -- as having "no experience doing anything".

In this particular case, an unnamed spokesperson for the DoE was quick to point out that the mother had failed to file for a "variance". Tweed's PR department has twelve people, a bloated staff that should be put to more productive use instead of blaming parents.

Anonymous said...

They could have sent the stops to City DOT for comment, and they would have gotten feedback on obvious problems, like this one.

But take responsibility? nah.

Unknown said...

Is he ok? I am hoping he was? Maybe here mother were very afraid and even the teacher in-charge. Sorry for that.