Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NYC graduation rates; still pretty dismal

Just in time for the end of the school year, Education Week came out with its annual graduation report , Diplomas Count 2007.

NY State (in pdf) had a four year graduation rate of only 65% for the class of 2004; 11th worst in the nation. Pretty bad considering we also spend most per capita than any other state on education.

NYC was at 45.2% -- fifth lowest among the 50 largest districts in the country. The only ones worse were Detroit at 24.9, Cleveland at 32.1%, Baltimore at 34.5%, and Dallas at 44.4%.

What does DOE (in pdf) claim for the class of 2004? 54%.

What's interesting is that even by Tweed's own inflated estimates, our six year graduation rates currently remain at only 64% -- no higher than they were in 1996, and only 1% higher than before mayoral control.

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