Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Update: Manhattan Assembly Election Focuses on Mayoral Control, "Accountability"

Here is a quick update on yesterday's post about the Manhattan election where the question of mayoral control was being debated as a top campaign issue.

Despite endorsements from the New York Times and New York Sun, and strong support from Michael Bloomberg, Republican Greg Camp was handily defeated by Democrat Micah Kellner. Political pundits were predicting a much closer race than the 64% - 36% landslide. But we were more skeptical. In the Observer's informal contest to predict the outcome, we called it accurately at 65%. It's simple: overcrowded schools = angry parents = motivated voters.

With new CFE money, matching funds for construction and new state regulations requiring a class size reduction plan for the city, the time for excuses has run out. Parents want a real solution to schools crowding. Mr. Kellner deserves credit for wanting to take a closer look at mayoral control and the true meaning of "accountability". Politicians who simply ally themselves with the Bloomberg record on schools will go the way of Mr. Camp.

Update: Those looking for more information on Assemblyman Kellner should check his page on the Assembly web site.

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NYC Educator said...

It appears the latest trend, though, is to call yourself a democrat and embrace every so-called "reform" that comes down the pike.

Hopefully Mr. Kellner won't fall into that category.