Monday, November 24, 2008

Mayoral control in Chicago, DC and elsewhere

Check out the first hour of our terrific forum about Mayoral control elsewhere in the country, with Mary Levy, director of the Public Education Reform Project at the Washington DC Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, Julie Woestehoff director of Parents United for Responsible Education in Chicago, and Prof. Stefanie Chambers of Trinity College.

Video of part two of the forum, including questions from the audience is posted here; and part three is here.

Here are biographies of the three speakers; more information on the effects of Mayoral control in Chicago is topic is available through Julie's summary; Mary prepared a fact sheet on DC; and also a useful one-page chart about patterns of Mayoral control around the country.


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Anonymous said...

NYC DOE is a cesspool of financial unaccountability which it appears many know but nothing is done about it. In NYC central control has always meant more for me and less for you - you being jane and joe taxpayer.

NYC DOE is also a joke but a sad one for the young people. Bloomberg through his minions have legitimized corruption even more and on bigger scale thn Rudy. DOE is a black hole of inconsistent and ineffectual use of funds along with rampant crookery.