Friday, November 14, 2008

Norm Scott and Leonie Haimson on WBAI -radio

Esther Amah, of WBAI's Wake-Up Call, interviews Norm Scott of Education Notes and Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters on November 13, about the state of public school education in New York and the prospect of Joel Klein becoming the Secretary of Education in an Obama administration.


Anonymous said...

Great job! We need to hear more voices like yours in educational discourse.

Anonymous said...

This was a geat interview and it covered so much of what is wrong with education in New York. We have to find a way to change the direction and the content of education and first we have to look at the whole question of IQ which was the start of this foolishness. We have to say that it was for people to go into the military and then was adapted by this country and that when it was first used it showed girls testing higher than boys. So it was adjusted to white males so they would excel. So in the first place it was sexist and in the 2nd it was racist as it was never slanted to include Black, latin etc. children.