Wednesday, September 19, 2007

DOE Announces Criteria for Broad Scholarships

September 19, 2007 (GBN News): Having won the Broad Prize for Education, the NYC Department Of Education has announced the criteria for students competing for $500,000 in scholarships, which will be funded by the prize. Not surprisingly, the requirements will closely parallel those of the Broad prize themselves.

Foremost among the criteria for students will be, of course, their test scores. Students will be expected to demonstrate consistent improvement in scores from year to year. Extra credit will be given to students who took tests that became progressively easier each year.

Just as importantly, students must demonstrate proficiency in public relations, to better “sell themselves” to the scholarship committee. While students can, if they wish, take responsibility for their own PR, it is strongly recommended that they hire high priced consultants so as to put themselves in the best possible light.

Finally, students must demonstrate a familiarity with the scholarship committee. Prior personal and professional relationships are a must. The committee is free to ignore the evaluations of any others, including teachers or school personnel, who might have actual knowledge of the students’ work.

The committee, which has already chosen the scholarship recipients, will announce the awards in January.

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