Sunday, September 9, 2007

NY ELA tests much easier in 2005

Check out this NY Sun story -- disclosing a UFT study that concluded that the 2005 NY state ELA 4th grade test was as many as six grade levels easier than the same test in 2004. There was much comment at the time -- including hearings at the City Council -- looking into this issue, but the UFT study has not been previously disclosed.

The Daily News recently reported evidence showing that the 4th grade math test of the same year was also much easier. Mayor Bloomberg used the big jumps in NYC test scores to coast to an easy re-election.

Do we get to revote?

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Anonymous said...

Every ELA teacher I know has been saying the same thing since the first round of post Bloomberg-reform testing. It's all a smokescreen. The students are getting cheated, their test scores are artificially inflated, and they ARE NOT being prepared to compete in the global marketplace. The 7th grade students I teach have spent the past four years 'benefiting' from this mayor's unsound pedagogy. They CAN"T READ! This man is destroying an entire generation of schoolchildren, while making millions for corporate entities selling educational programs, training and test supplies. The answer grid contracts alone must have bought quite a few execs second homes in Hilton Head, SC. The Emperor is not wearing any clothes, our union president has abandoned her flock and all NYC educators should be ashamed to hold their tongues while this crime is being perpetrated upon our students.