Friday, November 23, 2007

New blog: Billionaires for education reform

A civic-minded, selfless billionaire, Smellington B. Worthington III, has started a new blog, pointing out how the NYC school system needs to be improved.

According to his bio, Smellington “pulled himself up with just the sweat of his brow, the grit in his character, a portfolio of stocks and properties, a substantial inheritance, and ivy-league education, and a hefty trust fund. In his younger years, Mr. Worthington attended private schools, as do his three children. He is now selflessly turning his valuable time and attention toward the public schools, in order to produce a better, more reliable class of worker.”

Accordingly, he has lots of worthy things to say about the need to get rid of teacher tenure, extend the school day, etc. Check it out at Billionaires for Educational Reform.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning our new project. While I have shouldered this burden myself up to this point, I do anticipate several of my billionaire pals contributing their 2 million to this worthy enterprise.

Despite your stubborn refusal to endorse the common-sense improvements of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chancellor Joel Klein, we will endeavor to show you the light.

We think after careful consideration you will come around to our point of view. After all, you need only make a few million per annum before the tax breaks kick in, and it could mean the difference between summering in Monaco or the Hamptons.

Do I really need to explain any further?

Anonymous said...

I disagree Smellington. The Mayor and Klein haven't gone far enough. Sell, sell, sell every public school immediately to the highest bidders. Use the money to cut taxes for for all condos over $10 million.