Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The New Scarlet Letter: A BloomKlein adaptation

Click on the picture to enlarge it :

With thanks to David Bellel for creating the image and Norm Scott for its inspiration....


Anonymous said...

Actually, the comment quoted in the poster unfortunately criticizes the one positive aspect of this whole grading debacle. It is important to recognize schools that are able to work with children who start at a very low point and help them improve and not condemn them just because they're overall test core level is low. That doesn't mean we have to go to the other extreme and fail schools with high-scoring students who don't score even higher the next year. (Assuming, of course, that there is some validity to the test scores in the first place, which is a big assumption.) Why can't we have a system that gives credit to both achievements?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a student at P.S/I.S.87Q and I would like to say that the school isn't that great. I think that the whole Middle School should get to learn another language. Also, that we should have other floors for the schools because there are 3 floors(not counting the basement) and 10 grades!Also, a new gym because the ceiling is ribbing. So, this is wanT I have to say about P.S/I.S.87Q.