Friday, November 23, 2007

Patrick Sullivan vs. Jim Liebman on the results of the DOE parent survey

See Patrick Sullivan, Manhattan rep to the Panel for Educational Policy and co-blogger here, tangle with Jim Liebman of DOE at the September PEP meeting, as they spar over the findings of the official parent survey, especially as regards testing and class size.

See Liebman manage to present the results without ever allowing the words "class size" pass his lips -- despite the fact that smaller classes came out as the number one priority of NYC parents. See Patrick question the motivation behind the administration's attempt to obscure this finding, as well as effectively counter Liebman's attempt to spin the results as showing that most parents really want more test prep.


Anonymous said...

There's no way I'd be able to sit there as calmly as Patrick.

Liebman has no intent but to deceive. I'd be furious.

Anonymous said...

I say, that's a rather one-sided way of viewing the issue. You're certainly giving short shrift to the billionaire point of view, which your readers can find here.

Anonymous said...

Patrick seems like the only sane voice at these Panel for Educational Policy meetings. We're glad he's there.