Sunday, March 11, 2007

Five weeks of anger and frustration

Last week marked the end of five weeks of parent meetings, at which Klein and the top brass at Tweed presented their reorganization and funding proposals. From Staten Island to the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, the reception was far from enthusiastic.

The headlines tell the story. Note how not a single news article was published in any of the three largest dailies. Thank God for NY1, Metro, and the community papers! I don't think that Tweed will be keeping these in their clipping files.

Schools Chancellor Takes Heat At Town Meeting
NY1, March 8 , 2007

Crowd fumes as chancellor bolts from forum
Staten Island Advance, March 8, 2007

Mayor's School Reorganization Plan Faces Strong Opposition
NY1, March 1, 2007

The End of Mayoral Control

New York Sun, March 1, 2007

Parents Speak Out Against School Changes During Bronx Meeting
NY1, Feb 22, 2007

Klein gets Bronx cheer
Metro, Feb 21, 2007

Mom & Dad cut out of the loop - Parents demand input
Courier Life Publications, February 15, 2007

Klein booed at District 26 meet as he seeks support for ed plan
Times Ledger, February 15, 2007

Parents Grill Klein Over School Changes
Queens Chronicle, February 15, 2007

School Bus Debate Continues At Queens Meeting
NY 1, February 8, 2007

Klein Meets With Frustrated Parents in Brooklyn
WNYC February 8, 2007

CEC 27 parents critical of school restructuring
Times Ledger, February 8, 2007

Brooklyn Parents Hold Emotional Town Hall Meeting With Schools Chancellor
NY1, February 8, 2007

Klein takes heat from parents
Metro, February 7, 2007

Klein faces wrath at Forest Hills meet
Times Ledger, February 1, 2007