Thursday, March 15, 2007

Julian Fantechi, Playgirl's man of the year!

Finally, a blog entry with a photo -- and what a photo.

Check out the NYC public school teacher who was chosen as Playgirl's Man of the Year. Julian Fantechi, occupational therapist at PS 99 in Kew Gardens, whose story is in today's Daily News.

"People say to me you're a role model. You work with kids. And yes I am a role model," Fantechi told WCBS news. "And like I said I didn't do anything wrong. I live a healthy lifestyle. What do you say to teachers who smoke in front of the school? I think that's worse of a role model than posing in Playgirl."

Not much more to say -- except that after a complaint to his office, Special Investigator Condon cleared him from any wrongdoing, as Fantechi models on his own time and has fulfilled all his legal obligations as a teacher. Let's see if Chris Cerf is as lucky!

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