Monday, March 5, 2007

NYC parent blog gets its first press clipping!

Our blog's first press clip, in today's Staten Island Advance:

They said their voices weren't being heard, but at least now their message can be seen.

Education advocates have created what they're calling New York City's first public school parent blog in order to challenge what they view as Department of Education misinformation, media inaccuracy and a false perception in other cities that parents here are pleased with mayoral control of public schools.

"I want everybody to have a forum to really express their views of what's happened here in New York City over the past six years," said Leonie Haimson, of the advocacy group Class Size Matters, who helped create the blog along with colleague Patrick Sullivan.

Between this and the six parent letters printed in today's NY Post -- five of them from members of our NYC education list serv, to dispute the Post's claim that parent discontent wasn't real and that we were all puppets of the UFT -- we hit the media jackpot today!

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